Fall/Winter collection 2008/2009 focuses on the future development of mankind and the development of fashion according to that.
KUT OUTS is based on a quite dystopic vision showing man having to deal with much harsher and sometimes quite severe weather conditions. Spontaneous hard rain, hot summers, yet excessive smog that covers the cities, leaving everything in twilight and opaqueness.
Due to that the collection’s main material is the highly reflective silver-gray Scotchgard 3M fabric. Being used as a solid cloth panel within the garment or as a reflective yarn, 3M both serves as a protective and fashion element. The finished garment works very well on an aesthetical level as it is functional.

The collection also questions conventionally woven fabrics and standard styled garment. The main source of inspiration was the drape of wet clothing on the human body: The sticking fabric on the skin, the gain of volume and “puffiness” in certain areas … The patterns of the collection are derived from these observations.
Apart from that various methods of printing and special surface patterns give the illusion of a certain volume of the cloth, which in return creates a stunning aesthetical value which is underlined by a good amount of irony and personality.

Kut Outs

Theresa Stockebrand

Fall/Winter collection