Speculative contemplation on transformation and reinterpretation of traditional pattern making and shape forming is the very founding base leading to the NEWTON KNOWS collection concept. The visual effect of prism and crystal, raised by broken beams of light through a vitreous body serves as the main source of inspiration and for the design process. Resulting from prismatic experiments, occurring changes of proportion and refraction define the characteristics of the collection’s silhouettes, tailoring as well as fabric structure. A constant interaction between various symmetrical and asymmetrical compositions, visual perception and illusion, as well as deconstruction and abstraction of standards creates an innovative approach, still giving a nod to traditional heritage. Screen printed items function as a further carrier of the geometrical graphical aesthetic, already inducted through the cut and sew pattern by making use of corresponding textile fabric structure and colour palette.

Photographs were taken by focussing the lens right trough a crystal body, creating the prism effected outcome to gain colour and shape for the collection’s printed graphic patterns. In addition to these shapes and colours, further prismatic colours are partially brought into the visual concept making the screen printed items even more diverse, yet tighten them to the overall aesthetic.
That approach leads to the interference of masculine attributes, deliberately tailored silhouettes and corresponding key fabrics imparts an innovative expression of feminine and contemporary design to the collection.

Newton Knows

Theresa Stockebrand

Diploma Collection