Referring to the original movie “The Great Gatsby”, Spring/Summer collection 2008 forms a dialog between classic menswear motives and feminine drapery.
Along with that, traditional patterns were deconstructed and then approached from a fresh and unique angle, creating a modern and innovative look.

The classy style of the 1920s was picked up and quoted in several ways. A lot of analogies can be found throughout the collection such as low cut and plunging necklines, casual and free flowing silhouettes, fanciful details, and specifications normally to be found on classic tailored men’s suits and tuxedos.

The combination of rather masculine elements paired with free flowing patterns and drapery, refers to the classic gender gap and conflict. This does especially apply to the movie’s character “Jordan Baker”, who is portrayed as a self-confident woman who dares to contradict the public image of a woman in the 1920s.


Theresa Stockebrand

Spring/Summer collection